Sunny Days and Comfy Sweaters

It's weird working for an outdoor company because I find myself dressing up most days of the week, while everyone else is wearing puffy vests and plaid flannels. The weekends are my time to dress it down and be extremely comfortable. I got this Oakley Revive Fleece Crew a couple months ago and it's the perfect shade of mint and the perfect transition piece from winter to spring.

After a Monday and Tuesday of sunshine and happiness, the clouds have managed to creep their way back into PDX. Good news though, Mother Nature knows when it's the weekend, because we've got another 2 days of sun headed our way!

It's Wednesday which means, it's all downhill from here. Luckily work has been pretty mellow this month, which was much needed. Here's to entering a March that's full of just the same! What are your goals for the new month? Comment below and let me know!

Photos: Ryan Brandel

Cube Life Essentials

So--I work in a cube. There are definitely things I love and things I hate. I love having just enough privacy but there are no windows! I was talking to my friend who just relocated to a new job and the first thing she told me was,"I miss my privacy!"
If you're going to be spending 8+ hours a day in a small space, you have to make it fun and bright! Here's my short list of essentials for any cube.
1. Thank You Notes: The #1 thing I always have at my desk is thank you notes. Because we're doing frequent giveaways/seeding to bloggers, fans, followers etc., I'm always throwing things in the mail and make it a point to personally thank everyone and give it a personal touch.
2. Molskine/ notebook: A must for any meeting and easy to carry when you don't need to bring your laptop.
3. Desk lamp: If you're in a dark cube, lighting is a must! I not only have a desk lamp, but I have a Happy Light too! 
4. Personal Mug: My office supplies mugs, buuuut I'm all about having my own personal one that is only used by ME!
5. Calendar: I'm scheduling content to go out on a daily basis and am constantly looking up at my calendar. It also adds a bit of color on my dark gray cube walls.
6. Succulent: I discovered these cute guys at World Market and best part is they're fake! I  don't have to worry about them suffering from lack of sunlight! I love the added feel of having plants around me in Cubeland.
7. Pens: I've got a ton of pens at my desk. I make sure to have multicolored pens around for note taking.
Bottom line, no matter where you work, it's always important to have a clean, happy space that can foster your creativity. 
Did I miss anything? What's at your desk that I should add to mine?

Easy Weekend Wears

Another weekend gone by and another weekend that was just not long enough! It's been sunny here lately which makes it hard to get what we need to get done, done! I just want to be outside and take in all of that Vitamin D. When I do decide to start marking things off of my To-Do List, I love taking this Nixon Tree Hugger Tote because it's big enough to keep all of my regular "purse things" in it, as well as everything I need to pick up at the store, etc.

Errand running is all about being comfortable and not worrying about what I'm wearing. This has got to be my most favorite Oakley hoody of all time (...and I own a lot!). It's warm, but not too warm. And comfy is the name of the game. It's a perfect transition from pilates class to running around and I'd live in it if I could!

 I hope everyone is staying warm elsewhere in the U.S.! Feel free to send some more winter weather our way in Portland :)

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Toothbrush heads

Soap Holders x 2




Face scrubber replacements

Flavored Toothpicks

Essential Oils


Little Black Bomber

It wasn't until I moved to the Pacific Northwest that I owned anything plaid. I'd always been against flannel too. In the year and a half I've been in Portland, I've had to purge my closet at least twice because I began to acquire too much plaid! Working for Columbia Sportswear, I guess it just comes with the territory. I even think my boss has a different plaid shirt for every day of the month. Times that with all the other guys who work at Columbia and you're just swimming in PLAID!

This week has been a quick one! Monday was a holiday and GORGEOUS weather in PDX. Four day work week, yes please! I think everyone at the office needed a three/four day weekend because everyone has been in the best of moods, making this week even better :) That one extra day will do wonders, am I right?!

Crush Eyewear

We were hit with an amazing streak of sunny weather this weekend. It's funny, the saying "suns out guns out" rings true for Portland when the sun shines. It didn't get over 60 degrees but the sleeves and long pants began to come off!

Because I grew up in Dallas, went to college in Austin and spent the first 23 years of my life in Texas, I still haven't gotten used to the constant cool weather of the Pacific Northwest!

I was recently gifted a few pairs of sunnies from Crush Sunglasses and they've turned into my go-to "don't worry about it" sunglasses. I know you've all experienced the pain of purchasing an expensive pair and leaving them on the bus or having them get flattened in your bag--you know the devastation!

Crush Sunglasses look just like my favorite pricey pairs that I have at home, but because they're a lower price point, I can wear them without all the stress and worry of losing them. They're great for those times you're boating or doing activities where your sunnies might take a spill! I highly suggest grabbing a couple pair for your next adventure and leaving your sunglass anxiety at home!

I hope everyone has an amazing week! I know I will be enjoying the rest of my 4 day weekend. Oil change and Home Depot errands, here we come!


Faux Real

Finally some sun and I couldn't be happier! What better way to celebrate than with a big pop of red? I love this knit cardigan with faux leather sleeves. It's easy to pair with jeans or, my favorite, faux leather tights!


I'm a total beanie kind of gal. I can pair them with almost (almost) anything, and my favorite part- they save me time in the morning by not having to worry about my locks--Hello Starbucks or an extra 45 minutes of sleep!

Confession: I wear this watch even though it doesn't always have the right date or time. I know, but being transparent, I always have my phone with me and use that to tell time! In my defense, it's an automatic watch which means if I'm not wearing it, it's not winding. Literally, if I'm sleeping so is my watch!

Two words: ankle booties. One word: love :)

Stay tuned for another Valentine inspired look this week! <3

Shop the look:

Photos: Ryan Brandel

Working For The Weekend

Before moving to Portland to do Social Media for Columbia Sportswear, I was living and working in San Francisco, for a startup, 3 days a week in-office, and life was balanced. I would get my work done in the morning and head out for a long hike in the afternoon or explore the city on the days I worked from home. Of course, if my work wasn't done that AM, I'd work a little later to button up any deadlines. Now that I live in Portland, and am working from an office most days, I hold my weekends close to my heart :)

One of our favorite places to grab breakfast in our neighborhood is Kiva --a neat little spot that doubles as a spa. Ryan and I head here for our morning acai bowls accompanied by a soy latte.

I love living in Northwest Portland because everything is so close and within walking distance. Ryan and I like to "get our steps in" for the day and, when it's not raining, and explore the neighborhood.

Just when we think we've eaten at every restaurant and sipped at every coffee shop, something new pops up and we're always excited to try it out.

A few of my NW Portland favorites:

Acai bowls/breakfast: Kiva Tea Bar and Spa
Coffee: Barista
Brunch: Pacific Pie Co. (The best kept lines!)
Healthy Options: Laughing Planet
Quick lunch: Elephant's Delicatessen
Sushi: Bamboo Sushi
Thai: Thai Bloom
Mexican: Casa del Matador
Dinner: Muu Muu's
Dessert: Papa Haydn
Drinks: JoBar (Their Jojito is THE best!)
Late night bites/hangover food: 21st Avenue Bar and Grill

Have you been to Portland? Any spots I should check out? Comment below!

Photos: Ryan Brandel

The Go-Getter's Guide To South Lake Tahoe

I was lucky enough to spend a season in South Lake Tahoe and it was undeniably one of the best seasons of my life. If you haven't been to Lake Tahoe, I highly recommend you add it to your Bucket List. I've never been anywhere else quite as magical and it holds a special place in my heart.

Whether you've got one weekend or one season in Lake Tahoe, here are some things you don't want to miss out on!

Heavenly Ski Resort

This a place best experienced with friends. Whether you travel here from San Francisco for the weekend with a group or you take a ride break with your favorite lifty, there's no shortage of fun.

Spanning across California and Nevada, once you reach the top of Heavenly Resort, you're treated with Mother Nature's spectacular view of Lake Tahoe. On the last day of spring, South Lake had a surprise snowfall. A friend and I hiked up to the top of Milky Way Bowl and skied down, leaving our tracks for the rest of the summer.

Tahoe Sport Fishing

Summers in Lake Tahoe are just as amazing as winter. Tahoe Sport Fishing is available for private charter trips around the lake. The best part? You're guaranteed to catch fish! You'll have to wake up at the crack of dawn to make the boat, but seeing the sunrise over the lake is something you won't regret losing a few hours of sleep over.

SUP and Swim

If boating isn't for you, hop on a Stand Up Paddle Board and cruise around the lake at your own leisure!

No balance, no problem! The water will be a little chilly, but the underwater views are totally worth falling in for!


If you're a lover of great heights, like myself, South Lake Tahoe will keep you coming back for more. Important tip to remember: there are no bad views! Check out this site for a few great hikes you'll want to make time for.


My favorite mode of transportation around South Lake in the off season? Bike! The town is easy to navigate so biking to breakfast or to catch the sunset is a must.


Sure it's fun to ski, hike, bike and boat...but everyday holds the promise of a gorgeous sunset. I've never been anywhere else in the states that has as stunning sunsets. Every evening holds the promise of another astounding view. 

Photos: Wes Nobles

Mad for Plaid

Oh, Monday. The beginning of the week always seems daunting until you get back into your daily routine and the wheels start spinning. I've got a pretty low-key week ahead (knock on wood), lots of rain in the forecast (go's Portland!), so I should be productive, right?!

Even though historically, Friday's are designated as casual--I believe that Monday's should be comfy just the same! Today I grabbed a boyfriend oversized plaid shirt by Garage, paired it with a simple knit, and was ready to get the day going.

This pair of Conquest Carly Boots, by Sorel, is my go-to boot for rainy days. It's rubber and great for running through puddles! These boots say "I'm a chick, but I can also kick ass." 

I threw on this gold vermeil necklace from Gilt to add a touch of girly:

Now that I've dressed to conquer Monday, I think I'd better start tackling my day. I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

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