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We were hit with an amazing streak of sunny weather this weekend. It's funny, the saying "suns out guns out" rings true for Portland when the sun shines. It didn't get over 60 degrees but the sleeves and long pants began to come off!

Because I grew up in Dallas, went to college in Austin and spent the first 23 years of my life in Texas, I still haven't gotten used to the constant cool weather of the Pacific Northwest!

I was recently gifted a few pairs of sunnies from Crush Sunglasses and they've turned into my go-to "don't worry about it" sunglasses. I know you've all experienced the pain of purchasing an expensive pair and leaving them on the bus or having them get flattened in your bag--you know the devastation!

Crush Sunglasses look just like my favorite pricey pairs that I have at home, but because they're a lower price point, I can wear them without all the stress and worry of losing them. They're great for those times you're boating or doing activities where your sunnies might take a spill! I highly suggest grabbing a couple pair for your next adventure and leaving your sunglass anxiety at home!

I hope everyone has an amazing week! I know I will be enjoying the rest of my 4 day weekend. Oil change and Home Depot errands, here we come!

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