Mad for Plaid

Oh, Monday. The beginning of the week always seems daunting until you get back into your daily routine and the wheels start spinning. I've got a pretty low-key week ahead (knock on wood), lots of rain in the forecast (go's Portland!), so I should be productive, right?!

Even though historically, Friday's are designated as casual--I believe that Monday's should be comfy just the same! Today I grabbed a boyfriend oversized plaid shirt by Garage, paired it with a simple knit, and was ready to get the day going.

This pair of Conquest Carly Boots, by Sorel, is my go-to boot for rainy days. It's rubber and great for running through puddles! These boots say "I'm a chick, but I can also kick ass." 

I threw on this gold vermeil necklace from Gilt to add a touch of girly:

Now that I've dressed to conquer Monday, I think I'd better start tackling my day. I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

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