If you've seen my Instagram account you know one thing I love is quotes! I have quotes printed out and hung around my desk at work and I even have quotes as the background image on my iPhone. Sayings can be that one thing that gets you through a rough day or puts a smile on your face.

Some of my favorites:


ONE // I love these most. I spent most of 2011 job searching and trying to find something new and exciting in Texas, but after 25 years in the state I felt like I'd outgrown everything around me. I'd visited San Francisco a few times and it constantly hung around my mind. So much so, that I woke up one day and decided that if I couldn't stop thinking about it, I was going to go for it. One of those "shit or get off the pot" moments. I sold most of my things and drove to SF w/o a job or permanent place to live. I learned so much and had so little, but I was SO incredibly happy.

TWO //  There's never a day that isn't the perfect day to be happy :)

THREE // Always important to remember that nothing is permanent and YOU have the power to change an unpleasant situation!

FOUR // You bet I have this one printed and hanging at work! Tasks may come my way that I don't want to do or find stressful. Deadlines. Broken copiers. It's all inevitable but I see this and it makes me stop, take a deep breath and realize that I'm sure there are people who find me annoying around the office too ;)

FIVE //  I have a few coworkers that I absolutely adore because they will find something to thank each and every person in the room for before leaving a meeting. There's nothing like an old fashioned pat on the back every once in a while!

SIX // It's all about the journey--not the bumps in the road.

SEVEN // You can't have a bad day if you don't believe in bad days!

EIGHT // Make sure you can do one thing really well than a bunch of small things half-assed.

NINE // ...mistakes are the best way to learn.

TEN // Plain and simple!

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  1. So many of those quotes resonated with me -- thanks for the inspiration this slow Weds afternoon!

  2. Attitude is the difference between ordeal and adventure....love it! Adventure should always win, adjust that attitude! :)


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