Working For The Weekend

Before moving to Portland to do Social Media for Columbia Sportswear, I was living and working in San Francisco, for a startup, 3 days a week in-office, and life was balanced. I would get my work done in the morning and head out for a long hike in the afternoon or explore the city on the days I worked from home. Of course, if my work wasn't done that AM, I'd work a little later to button up any deadlines. Now that I live in Portland, and am working from an office most days, I hold my weekends close to my heart :)

One of our favorite places to grab breakfast in our neighborhood is Kiva --a neat little spot that doubles as a spa. Ryan and I head here for our morning acai bowls accompanied by a soy latte.

I love living in Northwest Portland because everything is so close and within walking distance. Ryan and I like to "get our steps in" for the day and, when it's not raining, and explore the neighborhood.

Just when we think we've eaten at every restaurant and sipped at every coffee shop, something new pops up and we're always excited to try it out.

A few of my NW Portland favorites:

Acai bowls/breakfast: Kiva Tea Bar and Spa
Coffee: Barista
Brunch: Pacific Pie Co. (The best kept lines!)
Healthy Options: Laughing Planet
Quick lunch: Elephant's Delicatessen
Sushi: Bamboo Sushi
Thai: Thai Bloom
Mexican: Casa del Matador
Dinner: Muu Muu's
Dessert: Papa Haydn
Drinks: JoBar (Their Jojito is THE best!)
Late night bites/hangover food: 21st Avenue Bar and Grill

Have you been to Portland? Any spots I should check out? Comment below!

Photos: Ryan Brandel


  1. Emalee and I will definitely be checking out some of these spots if we make it up to Portland on our road trip in May. :)

  2. Yes! I've got way more adventures we can all have too! :)

  3. come over to the east side for brunch! My faves are all over on the other side of the river! Pambiche, Accanto and Broder Nord are all great. Accanto has no lines and takes reservations of brunch! If you get to the other places a bit earlier than the 10 am crowd one usually doesn't have to wait :) I am trying a new place in NW in a few weeks called Fireside (where Music Millennium used to be) - I've heard they have a fantastic brunch :)


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