Weekend In Photos

This weekend was extremely productive and I'm so thankful! Saturday was spent relaxing and all I remember is eating a ton of candy... I have the worlds biggest sweet tooth.

Saturday night, Ryan and I decided to head to Northeast Portland in search of a new dinner spot. We happened upon Fonda Rosa, a tiny little cantina tucked away on a side street. The staff was so friendly and they made the BEST blended mango margaritas. It was definitely worth the trek across the river!


It is so nice to wake up to sun shining through the windows! Sunday we headed out to Ryan's javelin practice. I always have to grab a Dutch Brother's coffee because it's so cold in the mornings!

One more coffee break for me while Ryan got his hair cut next door. I'll spare you the laundry and spaghetti making photos. Such a great (and productive) weekend!

This week will be a busy week at work. I will be getting our Spring '15 gear mailed out while the rest of my team is finishing preparations for their trip to Sweden on the 9th. I won't be going, but I'm sure looking forward to a week of quiet around the office!

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