Weekend In Photos

Last week I was SO off the radar. I spent more days at home, sick, than in the office. I think I'm finally on the mend! 

On Saturday, we got up suuuuuuper early to head to McMinnville for Ryan's first track meet of the season. After checking in his javelins, we headed to Community Plate for a little pre-meet breakfast. Talk about a down-home, comfy place. Everyone was so nice, smiling, and it felt like I was back home in Texas. I will definitely be revisiting Community Plate if I ever happen to find myself in McMinnville again!

The weather, was again, unusually nice this weekend! Trees and flowers were in bloom, the sun was shining, and driving just wasn't an option--walking was a necessity.

Of course we rounded out the weekend with yummy Mexican food, margaritas, and a little lazy lounging around the apartment. 

I hope Daylight Saving time didn't throw anyone off too much. I know I feel like I lost about 5 hours of rest. This week is going to be amazing since my entire team is out of the country. I LOVE being alone in the office with ample amounts of peace and quiet to get projects done. 

Here's to a great week ahead!

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