Spring Stripes

You guys, I am not kidding when I say it has been SO cold in Portland! 

There was a possibility that I was going to travel to Texas this week for work, so naturally, I checked the weather on my iPhone. The next morning, I woke up, checked my phone and was like,"Oh wow! It's going to be 75 degrees and sunny today!" It wasn't until Ryan and I were almost to the office that he asked me what the weather for the weekend was going to be like. I took out my phone and saw that the weather was still on DALLAS not Portland! So, I'd dressed for a warm and sunny day, when in reality it was going to be 55 and rainy :)

Just wanted to tell you guys that funny story. Needless to say, these photos were not taken on one of our recently rainy days, but a rare semi-warm PDX day a few weeks ago.

I LOVE this outfit. I purchased this striped dress and had no idea how to spice it up until I randomly came across this vest and knew it'd be the perfect match. I'm obsessed with this Madewell cuff and pretty much wear it with every outfit.

I'm super excited because I've got two short work weeks in a row which means three day weekends here I come! (hands in air emoji)

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