Neon Nights in Mexico

Ryan and I just got back from our friend's wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Talk about a much needed vacation. We shared a house with about 20 other people (don't worry, this place was HUGE!) and Ryan and I didn't even stay in the main house. We were up in the casita with two other couples. The house was amazing and we had a staff everyday cooking meals and getting us drinks. I think we can all agree that Luis and Chicho were greatly missed once we all got back home!

I forgot how much I miss warm summers and being able to lay out by the pool and get a tan. Since living in San Francisco and now Portland, I haven't had a real summer where it's hot everyday, you spend weekends near warm waters or rush home from work to hang at the pool.

I definitely had to do a little shopping for this trip as I think I only had once pair of Columbia hiking shorts that I wouldn't be taking along. I love the outfit above. I'm totally not a crop top-ish person, but this top is just long enough and has a cute envelope detail in the back. It's light, airy, and has a great neon embellishment on the front.

Throughout the coming weeks, I'll be recapping our adventures as well as our adventures we had while in Mexico!

P.S.: Click below to get free shipping on the outfit I'm wearing!

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