Animal Print Casual

You'd think that growing up in Texas would make me an automatic lover of animal print, but no. I'd never guess that I would fall in love with this pair of SOREL booties and wear them with almost everything

From the sassy printed heel to the fact that I can wear these all day--I'm all about that bootie.

Once again, RocksBox to the rescue! I love having the ability to purchase pieces (at a discounted price!) from RocksBox each month. If I'm not feeing what they send me, then off it goes, back to RocksBox HQ and I'll get another 3 pieces within a few days. 

I purchased this Nakamol Wrap Bracelet from one of the first sets RocksBox ever set me, and I wear it all the time. I'm have small wrists and fingers (my ring finger is a 2 3/4), so not a lot of jewelry fits me. However, this Nakamol bracelet is perfect because it's sizeable!

You can try RocksBox FREE for one month by clicking here and using the code toribff46.

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