Three Day Weekends & Moto Jackets

Happy Monday! I'm so happy for a day off. Our team has been furiously working on getting everything in place for the Sundance Film Festival and we are so close to being ready to take off. If you're going to be there, keep an eye out for the SOREL team!

I can't say enough how much I LOVE this moto jacket. Yes, it's SOREL, and I am not just saying how much I adore it because I work for the brand. Since I got it, I've been planning my outfits around it every single day. It's the perfect warmth you'd want in a moto jacket and I don't even take it off when I'm in the office...seriously, I keep it pretty much glued to my body. It is for sure an investment piece, but it's great because it's not a bulky winter coat and will be perfect for chilly spring days as well.

Another thing that hasn't left my body since I got it from my parents for Christmas is this Kendra Scott earring and necklace set. I have been wearing KS for years and I love how her line has evolved and now includes dainty pieces that are great for everyday wear. Make sure you click through the carousel below for some of my other favorites that would look great with the moto look!

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