Stonehenge or Washington State?

Cuero Papel Backpack // Old Navy Sweatshirt // Jeans // SOREL Boots // SOREL Boots (available this fall!)

Last weekend Ryan and I traveled to Ellensburg, WA for a track meet and boy were we SO surprised with what we saw along the way! Neither one of us has any idea that the drive would be filled with such sweeping views of the countryside AND a replica of Stonehenge, IRL!

I got this sweatshirt at Old Navy when I visited my family in Dallas the weekend before and I LOVE it because it's a little souvenir from home that I can wear with me anywhere. I also took my new CueroPapel&Tijera mochila (Spanish for backpack) along for the weekend. I've never really carried backpack purses, only backpacks when traveling. I can definitely say this piece was a lifesaver! I was able to put all my things in it for a day at Ryan's track meet (iPad, snacks, sunglasses, lipgloss, keys, wallet, and more!). I'm also obsessed with the color! I would totally recommend this piece if you're traveling. It's always great to have a backpack or cross body that can hold everything you'll need for the day.

I had no idea there was such beautiful countryside just outside of Oregon!


Pink Madewell Sweater

Longer days have arrived and it seems like everyone is in such a great mood, simply because of the sunshine. My favorite part about this time of year is that we've got a good few hours (after spending all day in the office) to enjoy being outside...and no rain!

Anyone else have that issue where you purchase something at the store- and it fits. But, somehow, when you get home it doesn't fit anymore? Well, that exact thing happened with the sweater above. A quick fix is to layer smaller tops with a longline shirt. I love this one because it's a bit gauzy and gives a nice feminine touch.

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