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We finally made it to St. John! Coming from Oregon was a real trek, but I'm so glad we're here. Island time is no joke :) Yesterday, Ryan and I went to Trunk Bay, one of the top beaches in the WORLD. Can't say I disagree one bit. Did you know that most of the beaches here are a part of the National Parks Service? That means that all the land is protected and pristine, and like no other beach you'll find stateside. 

I could not wait to hop in the crystal clear water with my new Becca suit (we don't get warm water days in Oregon!). I love the braided details that add a super fun touch.

The best part? USVI parks have bars and restaurants! We all know there's nothing better than sitting on a beach sipping a rum drink...and you can totally do that here. You don't have to be at a fancy resort to fully enjoy the island life. The food isn't what you'd expect either. I'm pretty sure I had the best grilled chicken I've ever eaten at Cinnamon Bay the day before.


Pro tip: DO NOT have open food on these beaches! I had a seagull dive-bomb me from behind and fly away with my chicken salad. You literally have to make a tent out of your beach towel to eat you food out in the open. These birds know what they're doing and they have not a care in the world!

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  1. This makes me want to go south so bad!! Looks amazing! Have a great time!


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