Cruz Bay, Saint John, USVI | Bright Floral Rompers

Rompers are the perfect outfit to pack if you're trying to travel light. It's a full outfit, all in one! Pants, shirt, shorts...done. I especially love this one because it doesn't wrinkle and is made of a super light fabric that's perfect for humid vacation spots like Saint John.

Ryan and I went down to Cruz Bay one evening to explore the town and grab dinner. Cruz Bay is the main port, where you're more than likely going to be entering when you get to Saint John. It's a super cute town, but I would definitely not recommend staying here if you're on vacation. There are tons of resorts and places to stay, but it super overrun with tourists and it's not all that peaceful. Ryan and I rented a Jeep in Cruz Bay and rented a house on the other end of the island (about a 30 minute drive away) and only really came back to town if we needed something. I highly recommend checking out Airbnb or VRBO to see what rental properties are out there. It's much more fun to stay off the beat'n path and explore! 

Milk Moon Cottage, Saint John, USVI | Lazy Days By the Pool

While we were in Saint John, it was amazing to be able to put my phone away and not worry about every notification that came through. I couldn't have done it without my Ringly! Once you download the Ringly app and connect your ring, you can literally set up what you want to be notified about and what you don't. On vacation I set mine to only notify me about text messages with 3 buzzes and a green flash.

Now that I'm back in the office and need to be super connected to work, I have mine set for:

- Text messages - 3 buzzes - green flash
- Calendar alerts - 3 buzzes - red flash
- Email - 1 buzz - blue flash
- Instagram alerts - 2 buzzes - yellow flash

You can also get alerts for: Facebook, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Pinterest, Uber, Find My Friends, Venmo, FB Messenger, and Shazam!

Ringly has seriously been such a lifesaver and gives me piece of mind. I don't know about you but I've always had the awful habit of going into a meeting or sitting down at dinner and keeping my phone face up on the table. This turns out to be super distracting, and not to mention, annoying to everyone in the room or at the dinner table. With Ringly, I can put my phone away and not be distracted by notifications I don't really care about!

I am a firm believe in high waisted swimsuits! The one featured in this post is totally sold out but I've linked a few of my favorites below. Ryan and I spent the better part of our days at the beach, but it was so nice to have a pool at our house in Saint John. I can't tell you how nice it was to be in such warm weather, floating in the pool, sipping on rum drinks every afternoon -- not worrying about a thing.

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