Last Pop of Summer Color with TIKLARI

Nadir II Ring in Yellow // Baki Bracelet in Yellow and Purple // Akila Bracelet in Blue

There's nothing more that I love than pops of color that complete a neutral outfit. TIKLARI offers just that. Their pieces are beautifully simplistic and add just the right touch of sparkle and color. I wear the Beyza Ring everywhere and get SO many compliments about how simple yet unique it is.

I'd originally intended to take these pieces with us to Saint John, but since they didn't arrive until after we got back from vacation, I raced to pair them with as many summer outfits as I could before the Portland fall weather hit.

TIKLARI doesn't just source random pieces from around the world. They work with artisans to help preserve the traditional hand-made techniques that they've used for centuries. They also work closely with their artisans to collaborate and make unique pieces that you won't find anywhere else.

Aside from the pieces here, TIKLARI offers so many other beautiful pieces. Below are some of my favorites that would be lovely to transition into fall:

Clockwise from top:

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