How To | Wear Yoga Pants To Work

You guys, there is nothing better than getting up in the morning, getting dressed, and getting to work knowing that you've successfully pulled off wearing yoga pants to the office. 

I hadn't been into an Aerie/American Eagle in years and went in just to see what they were up to. Y'all, they're on it with the comfy clothes! They didn't have this pair of leggings in my size, so I immediately ordered a pair online. I cannot tell you just how comfortable they are! I've never worn something so soft and I've been a total repeat customer since.

I 100% recommend pairing your favorite yoga pants with a shirt dress like the ones linked below for a comfortable, and totally workplace acceptable, outfit.

I loved pairing my new Kendra Scott necklace with this outfit for a pop of coordinated color and of course, always wearing my Ringly Smart Ring to keep me in the loop. The icing on the cake for this outfit is definitely the new SOREL Crossbody Wool Tote -- it perfectly ties everything together.


End of Year Catch Up | NYC

The past few months have been CRAZY hectic and busy with work. As I've said before, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm not one to like a mundane workload and I prefer to always have something new and different to do.

Since August, we've been to New York twice to work on SORELstyle with Katie Rodgers and Zanna Roberts Rassi. I absolutely love New York and all of it's electric vibes. I love it's people - eclectic, energetic, and always on the move.

You can see the fruits of our labor with Katie Rodgers and Riley Sheehey here:

I will do a separate post with all of Zanna's videos once they're available :)

People always ask me what exactly I do for work since I get to go to so many neat places and get to meet so many amazing people. It'd be easy to say that I went to cover for social media, but for this specific project I did BTS for all of our social channels, got to be photographer, managed talent, was a hand model for our opening sequence, coffee fetcher, product wrangler and many other things.

Did I mention I'm a professional boot tie-er? If you ever need tips on how to tie boots, just let me know ;)

It was such an honor to get to work with Zanna and learn how she and her husband Mazdack work together on a daily basis, just like Ryan and I do. She literally does it all -- editor at Marie Claire Magazine, co-founder of Milk Makeup, mom, and overall wonder woman.

One of my favorite parts of being in NY is the shopping. There are so many amazing shops and I always love getting to explore the city with my co-workers.

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