End of Year Catch Up | NYC

The past few months have been CRAZY hectic and busy with work. As I've said before, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm not one to like a mundane workload and I prefer to always have something new and different to do.

Since August, we've been to New York twice to work on SORELstyle with Katie Rodgers and Zanna Roberts Rassi. I absolutely love New York and all of it's electric vibes. I love it's people - eclectic, energetic, and always on the move.

You can see the fruits of our labor with Katie Rodgers and Riley Sheehey here:

I will do a separate post with all of Zanna's videos once they're available :)

People always ask me what exactly I do for work since I get to go to so many neat places and get to meet so many amazing people. It'd be easy to say that I went to cover for social media, but for this specific project I did BTS for all of our social channels, got to be photographer, managed talent, was a hand model for our opening sequence, coffee fetcher, product wrangler and many other things.

Did I mention I'm a professional boot tie-er? If you ever need tips on how to tie boots, just let me know ;)

It was such an honor to get to work with Zanna and learn how she and her husband Mazdack work together on a daily basis, just like Ryan and I do. She literally does it all -- editor at Marie Claire Magazine, co-founder of Milk Makeup, mom, and overall wonder woman.

One of my favorite parts of being in NY is the shopping. There are so many amazing shops and I always love getting to explore the city with my co-workers.

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