Dressing For New Years Eve | Shabby Apple

New Years Eve has never really been a big deal for me but when Shabby Apple reached out I was ecstatic! I immediately gravitated toward their Abies Tie Neck Dress for the occasion. This year Ryan and I will be going to a NYE party that our friends are throwing and I'm super excited to actually dress up and ring in the new year with friends. 

I love the open neckline of this dress and I opted to pair it with this amazing Kendra Scott lariat necklace and Helen Wedges from the newest SOREL Holiday Collection. Even though the dress is a bit understated, it's perfect for dressing up with your accessories and footwear.


New Eyes | EyeBuyDirect

I've had glasses since I was 9 and I've always LOVED the process of getting a new pair of glasses. In the past, because frames have always been outrageously priced, I would get new frames every other year. The in between years were reserved for new contacts.

I recently discovered EyeBuyDirect and I don't think I will be getting my glasses anywhere else as long as they're around! During Black Friday, I got a great deal...which I didn't even need...but got three new pairs of glasses for less than half the price of my usual glasses!

Their frames start at around $10 and can go up to $70. I think I may also have a frame addiction from now on because I keep going back to order more. The best part about the affordable price point, is that you don't have to worry about making a longterm frame decision. Glasses are so trendy nowadays, that it can be super stressful to try and choose the expensive frame that you're going to wear for at least the next year! With EyeBuyDirect, you can swap out glasses as soon as new trends emerge!


Sweater Weather | Abercrombie and Fitch

SOREL Addington Chelsea Boots // Perry Street Starburst Studs // SOREL Caribou Bomber Jacket

My very favorite thing about winter is getting to wear sweaters. That was definitely part of the draw for me to move to Portland, Oregon a few years back -- the promise of 4 separate seasons. I've always loved bundling up for the cold, but coming from Texas and California, I didn't get the chance as much.

I recently re-discovered Abercrombie and Fitch, you know I was for sure a fan back in middle and high school! I really love how they've seemed to rebrand a bit, lose the moose logo on everything, and serve more of a millennial audience. I couldn't help but get the skiing squirrel sweater above. How freaking cute is it?! AND, they have a ton more that I've linked right here:

I decided to add a little bit of holiday sparkle with these Perry Street Starburst studs.


Holiday Gift Guide | His

As much as I love my husband, he's always last on my list of people to shop for because I never know what to get him! Being a designer, he's super picky OR he gets what he loves throughout the year because he's the only one who knows what he really wants :)

Today I've gathered my short list of foolproof gifts to buy any guy this year:

Clockwise from top:


Hair Care With Zotos Professional 180PRO

Growing up, one thing my mom always told me was,"Don't ever color your hair!" Well, I held off until I was about 23 and I've been coloring it ever since.

I've got naturally dark hair with natural red highlights, but jumped on the balayage train for quite some time. Naturally, putting my hair through that kind of rigorous bleaching, eventually takes a toll. Not to mention, I shampoo, blow-dry and straighten/curl my hair everyday!

I was recently introduced to Zotos Professional and it's changed my haircare routine for the better! My go to is their Intense Reconstruct Shampoo, Color Remedy Conditioner, and Color Remedy Illuminating Drops. It is so important that I not only repair all the damage I've done to my locks, but make sure that our water doesn't make my color turn brassy. Zoos has done all of that and has even extended my monthly haircut!

This post was sponsored by Zotos Professional

Holidays | Harry And David

The holidays can be super stressful and there are always those people who are SO hard to buy for. When I first moved to Portland, I was introduced to Harry and David and I am not lying when I say they have the most legit gift baskets, ever.

Harry and David was nice enough to send me this Deluxe Christmas Basket this year, but if you're not interested in sweet goodies, they literally have everything under the sun!

For the life of the party, the Holiday Cocktail Mixer Basket:

For the entertainer, the Founders' Favorites Gift Box:

For the friend who tailgates at EVERY game, the Hometeam Snack Box:

For your gluten-free friends, the Gluten-Free Holiday Sugar Cookies:

For the friend who doesn't own any Christmas decorations but still loves the season, the Evergreen Wreath:

For your White Elephant work Christmas Party, the Grand Traditional Fruitcake:

For your best friend in the whole wide world who's coming over for wine night tomorrow, the Rustic Wine Rack:

These are just the tip of the iceberg! The best part? You can choose to add a bottle of wine to most of their baskets, throwing in even more holiday cheer :)

This post was sponsored by Harry & David.

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