2017 Prius Prime | Toyota

I recently partnered up with Toyota to check out their new Prius Prime. I will admit that I was definitely skeptical at first, but this is not your run of the mill Prius. This is the most efficient car I've ever driven. I obviously won't be going over every single feature...there are just too many...but here are my favorites:

I was taken aback by all the bells and whistles inside! I drive a Subaru Crosstrek where the most technologically advanced option is heated seats :) The Prius Prime has an 11.6 inch navigation screen from where you literally control everything- radio, apps, navigation, climate control, and so much more. Because I'm not used to driving a car with so many gizmos and gadgets, it was a bit overwhelming at first and took a while to get used to the enormous dashboard.

My absolute favorite part of this car is the Color Head-Up Display. I speak from experience when I say I've gotten way too many speeding tickets because I'm just not paying attention to the speed limit/going with the flow of traffic. During your drive, it not only displays your current speed, but it tells you what the speed limit is and if it changes! It also shows where your next turn will be if you're using navigation as well as how you're doing on energy. This will be the one feature (aside from the heated steering wheel!) that I will definitely be looking for in future car purchases.

I love that The Prius Prime doesn't look like the Prius that everyone has come to know. The design is definitely different, and sleeker, inside and out. When I drove up to work, no one even knew what model car I was driving!

On top of looking sleek and being able to keep up to highway speeds, The Prius Prime can switch between EV, hybrid, or both. You are able to choose which mode you drive in OR you can let the car choose for you, making for a more efficient drive. All of these factor together to give you 25 miles on EV mode or around 640 miles driving range using both. In the first week of driving, I only charged once, never added any gas, and was left with about 3/4 of a tank of gas. Had I driven longer I would've definitely gotten the hang of charging on a regular basis and learning how to drive more efficiently.

Speaking of charging, this task was super simple as well. I'm lucky enough to have a charging station at my office that I could try out. It took about 2.5 hours to get a full charge and only cost $1 per hour of charging. If you ask me that TOTALLY beats having to fill your tank with gas! If you don't have a charging station near you or at home, don't worry. The Prius Prime also comes with a regular wall plug in (just like your hair dryer or vacuum) and you can plug it in at home in your garage. The only drawback to charging at home will be that it takes about 8 hours to get a full charge.

I had so much fun driving the new Toyota Prius Prime and definitely recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a fuel efficient vehicle. I only talked about a handful of the features but definitely encourage you to check it out for yourself because there are SO MANY more! Happy driving!

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