Writing Your Next Chapter

Moving on is never easy. Well, sometimes it is. We've all been in bad relationships, friendships and jobs that we had to move on from. Sometimes we're even forced to move on, broken hearts, job layoffs etc. But what do you do when your heart tells you to continue to move forward, but you're feeling like you should just stop?

At what point do you have to decide to say your goodbyes?

Today I came to a realization: Just because you are good at something, doesn't mean that you should keep doing it. Momentum is only positive if it's carrying you in the right direction. For the past 4 years I've been trying to prove myself and earn my place only to find that I'm still a freshman after four years in high school. There's nothing worse than subtly being told,"You can't be this/do this." My question is always,"WHY?"

Am I at the top of my game? Absolutely not. Are there things I still need to learn? Of course. But the real question is,"Is there room for me to grow and should I be continuing to try and grow here?"

I realized today that I'm at a crossroads. It is up to me to decide my future and I've got some big decisions ahead. Life is temporary and we only have one to live and I've always been a proponent of living the one I've got to the fullest.

It may be time to start writing my next chapter and I'm ready to do just that.

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