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About a year ago I was introduced to Ringly Smart Rings by a friend of mine and I HAD to get one! (See my post here.) Well, Ringly keeps stepping up the wearable tech game. They recently launched their new Ringly GO, and I was lucky enough to grab one for my trip to London and Glastonbury Music and Arts Festival.

Being out of the country for work and still needing to be connected to emails/texts/phone calls etc., it was super important for me to be able to know when these things came through. The downside was, even though I was at an amazing music festival, I wasn't able to hear anything. "That's what vibrate is for, duh!" When you're at a concert with 200,000 other people, it gets so loud and crazy that you don't even feel your phone vibrate.

Can you tell which one it is??

What is so great about the Ringly GO? While I love the regular Ringly Smart Rings, they can sometimes be difficult to wear if your hands are constantly going in and out of pockets, jackets, sweaters etc. The GO fits so nicely around your wrist, that you don't even notice it's there. It's basically the most chic alert system that you could ever imagine.


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Like I said before, Ringly keeps the tech updates coming. When I first got my Smart Ring last year, there were only a handful of apps that it was compatible with. Now, Ringlys are compatible with around 140 apps! And that's just on iOS alone! All you have to do is download the Ringly app,

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Basically, there's an app for everything you need to make your life easier. Not only that, you can actually put your phone in your purse or backpack and truly "disconnect" and not have to worry about missing ANYTHING.

Not only all of the above, but Ringly tracks your steps, mileage and calories burned. It also reminds you to take a break from your day (I think we can all probably agree that life can get stressful and we forget to take a minute) with guided meditation and breathing exercises...WHAT? How cool is that?!

Can you tell which day I was on a plane for 12 hours?! ;)

After Glastonbury, it was so nice to throw my phone in my bag and enjoy London like a real tourist. My phone was more or less rendered to the sole purpose of being a camera :)

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