Self Care | Taking A Break

Sometimes you just have to take a break -- and the past couple of weeks, I've done just that. No blogging, no pressure to post to Instagram. I know that may not sound like huge deal, but it's been a major weight off of my shoulders to not have to leave work and head right back into my computer to make a collaboration deadline. 

Blogging can seem like a lot of fun and like it is super easy. Yes, working with different brands to talk about their products is fun, but there are also deadlines, negotiations, content creation and lots of planning involved. Having a 9-5 job AND doing all those things can be exhausting at times.

Fall at SOREL is our biggest and most important season of the year and I've been pouring a lot of myself into planning for our launch on 9/1. I'm definitely not the "typical blogger" who relies solely on blogging to support my family, and I don't think I'd want that. That being said, I have to know when I'm stretching, or may be stretching, myself too thin. I've never been one to skirt work responsibilities, so it's nice to be able to tell my blogging boss (me) that I need a break. I know that even if I did need a mental health day from my real job, all I'd have to do would be to phone it in -- no questions asked. 

These past two weeks have been amazing and I've really enjoyed unwinding, spending quality time with my husband and getting outside...Portland is going to get really nasty come October so I want to soak it all in. I'm glad I was able to recharge and settle down because work travel is about to get crazy :) ...stay tuned!

Good Vibrations with SUDIO

Sound has always been an important part of my life -- from minoring in music in college to then, taking the opposite end of the spectrum, and majoring in American Sign Language. From sound to the absence of sound, I've always been passionate about this topic. Thankfully I am fully hearing and sound quality is HUGE. Up until recently, I'd always been an 'Apple headphones that come with your iPhone' kind of gal. That was until SUDIO reached out and gifted me with their amazing Vasa BLÅ earbuds. 

I recently traveled to London so these were my headphone of choice for the long plane ride. I was skeptical at first if they'd be up for the test -- and they definitely held up to the test. I couldn't believe (even though they're not advertised as such) what noise canceling abilities they had! Planes are noisy in general, but to my surprise I even fell asleep while wearing them...and I NEVER fall asleep on planes. 

Despite having an iPhone 7+ and not being able listen to music and charge at the same time, I hadn't jumped on the bluetooth train just yet. The charge lasted my entire plane ride and it was so nice to be able to charge my phone and listen to music or watch a movie at the same time! The charge is only slated to last for around 8 hours, but I was able to get a full 9.5 hours out of the Vasa BLÅ, which is only 30 minutes shy of the 10 hour flight to London...pretty impressive.

I'm also sure you can tell that they're rose favorite and an excellent selling point -- if I do say so myself :) I love these so much that I'm giving you 15% off a pair of your own! Just click here and use code torilesikar at checkout. Happy listening!


Add one more to my rose gold collection! I LOVE this rose gold beauty from Escape Watches so much. It's vintage look and modern details are timeless. It also adds a classy touch to any casual look. If rose gold isn't your thing, don't fret! There are 12 different similar versions of this watch from different metals to leather bands. 

When I got my watch the first thing I thought was,"No! It's too big (I have super tiny wrists) and I will have to take it somewhere to get adjusted!" I was wrong... The Coachella came with fully adjustable links that I could easily shorten at home, which made me SO happy!

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