Monday, June 29, 2015

Neon Nights in Mexico

Ryan and I just got back from our friend's wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Talk about a much needed vacation. We shared a house with about 20 other people (don't worry, this place was HUGE!) and Ryan and I didn't even stay in the main house. We were up in the casita with two other couples. The house was amazing and we had a staff everyday cooking meals and getting us drinks. I think we can all agree that Luis and Chicho were greatly missed once we all got back home!

I forgot how much I miss warm summers and being able to lay out by the pool and get a tan. Since living in San Francisco and now Portland, I haven't had a real summer where it's hot everyday, you spend weekends near warm waters or rush home from work to hang at the pool.

I definitely had to do a little shopping for this trip as I think I only had once pair of Columbia hiking shorts that I wouldn't be taking along. I love the outfit above. I'm totally not a crop top-ish person, but this top is just long enough and has a cute envelope detail in the back. It's light, airy, and has a great neon embellishment on the front.

Throughout the coming weeks, I'll be recapping our adventures as well as our adventures we had while in Mexico!

P.S.: Click below to get free shipping on the outfit I'm wearing!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jump Into Jumpsuits

F21 Jumpsuit (similar) // Blooming Lotus Stack // Madewell Cuff // SOREL Sandals (no longer available)

Not gonna lie, I walked into Forever21, saw them, and immediately wrote off jumpsuits. I eventually caved to the trend and purchased this one a couple months ago. It's finally been warm enough to pull it out...and just the luck--it's sold out online. BUT- F21 does have SO many great similar options available.

The worst part of jumpsuits? You have to get totally undressed to go to the restroom [insert monkey with hands over face emoji]...and some of them require help getting out. The best part? You can basically get away with wearing a onesie to work...and I'm totally okay with that.

Conclusion? My summer may or may not be completely spent lounging around in jumpsuits...

On a different note- June has got to be the busiest month, ever. Ryan and I are moving up the hill next week to an amazing 2 bedroom/2 bath/2 balcony/2 car garage condo with one of the most breathtaking views of the city and Mt. Hood that I've ever seen! You can bet I will be spending most of my free time taking it all in from the balcony:

 Right after that I'm heading to Vail, Colorado for the GoPro Mountain Games and then off to Mexico the next! I'm loving having a packed schedule and even more exited for Portland to enter the sunny/ mostly warm season :)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Graphic Image || St. Barts Collection

The new St. Barts Collection from Graphic Image makes me want to head straight for blue waters and white sands. This collection was inspired by the Caribbean with it's beautiful color palette including Island Green, Desert Rose, Harbor Blue, and Meadow Lilac. I can't help but want one of everything and transport to vacation time!


Let's be honest, I really like this collection because it matches the color palette of Path To Adventure :) The best part? You can personalize everything!

For more from Graphic Image, click here!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Spring with Black on Black

Spring? Check. Warm weather? Um, no. I think since it has been 'officially spring' we've had only a few days warm enough to actually wear spring appropriate clothing. The dark and mostly rainy Portland days have me grabbing sweaters, leggings, and coats almost everyday.

Up until the past year or so, I've hardly ever worn black. I've always identified with Punky Brewster when it came to decorating and clothing myself. My motto in the past was always 'the more color the better'. If you look in my closet now, times have changed :)

My favorite part of this outfit are the laces I swapped out on the SOREL Joan of Arctic Wedges. Wish I could show you the pair of shoes they came off of but it's a pair of yet to be released SOREL boots ;)

One more thing--work has been absolutely crazy. Planning for upcoming PR trips has gotten out of control--all on top of my regular job duties writing for and monitoring social for Columbia Sportswear. Lots of fun things in the works, but man, when I get home I don't want to be anywhere near a computer! I'm hoping to get back into a rhythm of posting again to keep myself sane!

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Art of Sneakers

If there's one thing that will always be true about my style--I'm a sneaker girl through and through. After work I come home, kick off the sandals, wedges, heels and slip into a pair of comfy sneakers. If we had enough room, I'd add more and more, but--I don't want to push the fiancé out of the picture because of too many shoes :)

What makes a great pair of sneaks? They're versatile enough to wear from the trail to the pavement. I'm not one for running, so it is important to me that my shoes can stand up to a hike through the forest and are still stylish enough to accompany me on errands or meet a friend for drinks.

Color is also key. Like I said, if it weren't for space issues, I'd own every color sneaker out there! It was even hard for me to choose this pair because it comes in SO MANY different colors!

So here's to Ryan and I finding a new place to live so I can get more shoes, jk. But no, really, that wouldn't be a bad thing ;)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. It's supposed to be sunny and warm...ish in Portland for at least the next 7 days!

Monday, April 13, 2015

New To Stripes

Free People Tunic // Frame Denim Skinny Jeans // Crocodile Clutch // SOREL Medina Rain Heels

Y'all, I have NEVER been a stripes kind of person...EVER! I don't know if it's me about to turn 30 this year or what, but everything I've been gravitating toward lately has been stripes! I've had to say to myself,"No, Tori. Put that back, you have 3 other things in your hands that have stripes on them!"

My co-worker, Sam, wore this tunic to work and I'd been secretly admiring it. A couple weeks ago, I finally found it online and had to have it. (Sorry for jacking your style, Sam! I wanted to look cute too!) If you haven't noticed, I only wear things that are extremely comfortable and could double as pajamas at a moment's notice. I've had to hold myself back from wearing it to work every week and I think Ryan got sick of seeing me in it every weekend. BUT. I. LOVE. IT!

You can pair this with heels or, if wearing it out for errands or work, I also wear these F21 perforated slip-ons. This top also comes in 4 colors and don't think I haven't contemplated buying one for each day of the week!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Stripes

You guys, I am not kidding when I say it has been SO cold in Portland! 

There was a possibility that I was going to travel to Texas this week for work, so naturally, I checked the weather on my iPhone. The next morning, I woke up, checked my phone and was like,"Oh wow! It's going to be 75 degrees and sunny today!" It wasn't until Ryan and I were almost to the office that he asked me what the weather for the weekend was going to be like. I took out my phone and saw that the weather was still on DALLAS not Portland! So, I'd dressed for a warm and sunny day, when in reality it was going to be 55 and rainy :)

Just wanted to tell you guys that funny story. Needless to say, these photos were not taken on one of our recently rainy days, but a rare semi-warm PDX day a few weeks ago.

I LOVE this outfit. I purchased this striped dress and had no idea how to spice it up until I randomly came across this vest and knew it'd be the perfect match. I'm obsessed with this Madewell cuff and pretty much wear it with every outfit.

I'm super excited because I've got two short work weeks in a row which means three day weekends here I come! (hands in air emoji)
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