Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rose Gold x Iced Lattes

It's March already?! What the heck?! 2015 is flying by and it really needs to take a chill pill! I can tell spring is here because everything is in bloom and I had a serious case of allergies today. I'm currently curled up on the couch surrounded by Alka Seltzer Plus, tissues, and cough drops. 

Add this past weekend to the list of perfect weekends. I think I drank my weight in coffee while I soaked in every moment of sunshine and relaxation. 

My new favorite purchase is this pair of rose gold New Balance sneakers. I. die. I saw these last week and had to stop mid work day to purchase. I am obsessed with anything rose gold and Ryan had to hold me back form buying every color these came in. They're extremely comfortable and could easily replace five other pairs of shoes that I own. 

I hope everyone's week got off to a great start and I hope these allergies go away soon! Anyone have tips on what to take, what to do, etc. to calm this allergy monster? Comment below!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekend In Photos

This weekend was extremely productive and I'm so thankful! Saturday was spent relaxing and all I remember is eating a ton of candy... I have the worlds biggest sweet tooth.

Saturday night, Ryan and I decided to head to Northeast Portland in search of a new dinner spot. We happened upon Fonda Rosa, a tiny little cantina tucked away on a side street. The staff was so friendly and they made the BEST blended mango margaritas. It was definitely worth the trek across the river!


It is so nice to wake up to sun shining through the windows! Sunday we headed out to Ryan's javelin practice. I always have to grab a Dutch Brother's coffee because it's so cold in the mornings!

One more coffee break for me while Ryan got his hair cut next door. I'll spare you the laundry and spaghetti making photos. Such a great (and productive) weekend!

This week will be a busy week at work. I will be getting our Spring '15 gear mailed out while the rest of my team is finishing preparations for their trip to Sweden on the 9th. I won't be going, but I'm sure looking forward to a week of quiet around the office!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sunny Days and Comfy Sweaters

It's weird working for an outdoor company because I find myself dressing up most days of the week, while everyone else is wearing puffy vests and plaid flannels. The weekends are my time to dress it down and be extremely comfortable. I got this Oakley Revive Fleece Crew a couple months ago and it's the perfect shade of mint and the perfect transition piece from winter to spring.

After a Monday and Tuesday of sunshine and happiness, the clouds have managed to creep their way back into PDX. Good news though, Mother Nature knows when it's the weekend, because we've got another 2 days of sun headed our way!

It's Wednesday which means, it's all downhill from here. Luckily work has been pretty mellow this month, which was much needed. Here's to entering a March that's full of just the same! What are your goals for the new month? Comment below and let me know!

Photos: Ryan Brandel

Monday, February 23, 2015

Cube Life Essentials

So--I work in a cube. There are definitely things I love and things I hate. I love having just enough privacy but there are no windows! I was talking to my friend who just relocated to a new job and the first thing she told me was,"I miss my privacy!"
If you're going to be spending 8+ hours a day in a small space, you have to make it fun and bright! Here's my short list of essentials for any cube.
1. Thank You Notes: The #1 thing I always have at my desk is thank you notes. Because we're doing frequent giveaways/seeding to bloggers, fans, followers etc., I'm always throwing things in the mail and make it a point to personally thank everyone and give it a personal touch.
2. Molskine/ notebook: A must for any meeting and easy to carry when you don't need to bring your laptop.
3. Desk lamp: If you're in a dark cube, lighting is a must! I not only have a desk lamp, but I have a Happy Light too! 
4. Personal Mug: My office supplies mugs, buuuut I'm all about having my own personal one that is only used by ME!
5. Calendar: I'm scheduling content to go out on a daily basis and am constantly looking up at my calendar. It also adds a bit of color on my dark gray cube walls.
6. Succulent: I discovered these cute guys at World Market and best part is they're fake! I  don't have to worry about them suffering from lack of sunlight! I love the added feel of having plants around me in Cubeland.
7. Pens: I've got a ton of pens at my desk. I make sure to have multicolored pens around for note taking.
Bottom line, no matter where you work, it's always important to have a clean, happy space that can foster your creativity. 
Did I miss anything? What's at your desk that I should add to mine?

Easy Weekend Wears

Another weekend gone by and another weekend that was just not long enough! It's been sunny here lately which makes it hard to get what we need to get done, done! I just want to be outside and take in all of that Vitamin D. When I do decide to start marking things off of my To-Do List, I love taking this Nixon Tree Hugger Tote because it's big enough to keep all of my regular "purse things" in it, as well as everything I need to pick up at the store, etc.

Errand running is all about being comfortable and not worrying about what I'm wearing. This has got to be my most favorite Oakley hoody of all time (...and I own a lot!). It's warm, but not too warm. And comfy is the name of the game. It's a perfect transition from pilates class to running around and I'd live in it if I could!

 I hope everyone is staying warm elsewhere in the U.S.! Feel free to send some more winter weather our way in Portland :)

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Little Black Bomber

It wasn't until I moved to the Pacific Northwest that I owned anything plaid. I'd always been against flannel too. In the year and a half I've been in Portland, I've had to purge my closet at least twice because I began to acquire too much plaid! Working for Columbia Sportswear, I guess it just comes with the territory. I even think my boss has a different plaid shirt for every day of the month. Times that with all the other guys who work at Columbia and you're just swimming in PLAID!

This week has been a quick one! Monday was a holiday and GORGEOUS weather in PDX. Four day work week, yes please! I think everyone at the office needed a three/four day weekend because everyone has been in the best of moods, making this week even better :) That one extra day will do wonders, am I right?!

All images: Ryan Brandel

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


If you've seen my Instagram account you know one thing I love is quotes! I have quotes printed out and hung around my desk at work and I even have quotes as the background image on my iPhone. Sayings can be that one thing that gets you through a rough day or puts a smile on your face.

Some of my favorites:


ONE // I love these most. I spent most of 2011 job searching and trying to find something new and exciting in Texas, but after 25 years in the state I felt like I'd outgrown everything around me. I'd visited San Francisco a few times and it constantly hung around my mind. So much so, that I woke up one day and decided that if I couldn't stop thinking about it, I was going to go for it. One of those "shit or get off the pot" moments. I sold most of my things and drove to SF w/o a job or permanent place to live. I learned so much and had so little, but I was SO incredibly happy.

TWO //  There's never a day that isn't the perfect day to be happy :)

THREE // Always important to remember that nothing is permanent and YOU have the power to change an unpleasant situation!

FOUR // You bet I have this one printed and hanging at work! Tasks may come my way that I don't want to do or find stressful. Deadlines. Broken copiers. It's all inevitable but I see this and it makes me stop, take a deep breath and realize that I'm sure there are people who find me annoying around the office too ;)

FIVE //  I have a few coworkers that I absolutely adore because they will find something to thank each and every person in the room for before leaving a meeting. There's nothing like an old fashioned pat on the back every once in a while!

SIX // It's all about the journey--not the bumps in the road.

SEVEN // You can't have a bad day if you don't believe in bad days!

EIGHT // Make sure you can do one thing really well than a bunch of small things half-assed.

NINE // ...mistakes are the best way to learn.

TEN // Plain and simple!

For MANY more great quotes, visit me on Pinterest!

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